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How to Travel the World Without Deep Pockets

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There are so many experiences for you to enjoy out there in the world that you can’t even imagine! Of course, there are many experiences back home which you can imagine, such as having money in your bank account.

If this sounds like you and you don’t think that you can afford to travel the globe and see what you want to see, below are some tips to help you explore the world, for less!

Travel Packages

Learn to Love the Train

If you have your sights set on Europe then the best way to see it for less is by train. However, don’t let the word train fool you. These aren’t like the metro trains which you are used to using for your daily commute. Instead, these are nice, clean, safe, and often luxurious trains which travel through gorgeous countryside and stunning mountains to offer you amazing views while you travel.

Of course, the main benefit to this method is the serious price benefit when compared against flying. If your main concern is how you will get between European countries, look into options like Eurail to get you around.

Book Packages

The next thing that you can do when booking travel on the cheap is to wrap up as many serves as you can into one package. For example, the Groupon Coupons page for can help you find flights, accommodation, and even car hire at your destination, all prepared in one invoice.

Why does this matter? Because travel and accommodation providers are regularly working together to bring you deals on a range of destinations and travel dates. Each partner has done their absolute best to reduce the price of their portion by as much as possible so that they can offer a total package which is more appealing to you than booking individually.


When you travel the world you are going to see so many different types of food and drink being prepared. Many of them will make your stomach tremble while others will make it curious. Whichever you feel, be sure that your stomach doesn’t lead you towards a familiar sign.

Eating at familiar restaurants and eateries as you travel is the easiest way to burn through your travel budget. Why? Because these large chains are still owned by the corporations in your home country, meaning that they will charge you in the exchanged rate at the same price you would pay back home! If you think that fast-food is cheap around the world, think again.

Instead, look for a street food vendor who has food you think you can swallow and also has a long line of people waiting to buy their food. This is often the best sign that you have found the best food place in the area.

Don’t let a silly thing like money get in the way of you exploring the world and opening your mind! Take these tips on board and you will be traveling the world for less in no time!